Training Courses

Structured Dynamics' course and curricula span from basics and concepts, to pragmatic how-to sessions, and on to advanced topics and problem solving. Our preferred delivery mechanism for our training is via the Web, using online screen shares ( and Skype conferencing. This approach leads to lowest costs and greatest scheduling flexibility.

Our standard courses include:

  • Discovering and Assembling Information Assets
  • Data Staging, Conversion and Loading
  • Open Semantic Framework (OSF)
  • Installing and Upgrading OSF
  • Workflows and Governance of OSF
  • Linking OSF to Enterprise ETL Systems
  • Semantic Tools & Tooling Environments
  • Ontology General (multiple)
  • Ontology and Management
  • Ontology Data Attributes
  • Ontolog Development & Tools
  • Drupal Install/Configuration/Customization
  • OSF Widgets
  • Templates Design and Use
  • Layout Specification, Design and Use
  • Dashboards/Workbench
  • Documentation Wiki Set-up and Use

Courses may also be tailor made from the various topic areas as shown by the hundreds of technical articles on the OSF Wiki. Our printing subsidiary may also develop specific training guides in conjunction with these courses and provide them in either eBook or perfect-bound printed form.