Retired Projects

With its shift to knowledge bases and artificial intelligence, some past initiatives of Structured Dynamics have been retired. You were likely sent to this page via a redirect from one of these earlier projects.

If you have questions about one of these prior projects, please contact us.

Civic Dynamics Civic Dynamics

Civic Dynamics was dedicated to the development and deployment of software platforms that support the sharing of open data and promote citizen engagement in support of building healthy communities. The Civic Dynamics Platform (CDP) was a tool for managing dynamic open data.

Citizen Dan Community Indicator System Citizen Dan
Citizen Dan was an open source system for aggregating different indicator data concerning local, community well-being. Information sources included the Web, real-time feeds, government datasets, municipal government information systems, or crowdsourced data. The system was based on the Open Semantic Framework.
MUNI Ontology MUNI Ontology
The MUNI Ontology was a general purpose, open-source and open-collaboration vocabulary and ontology for city, municipal, and local community purposes used by  Citizen DAN and other clients.