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New UMBEL Portal Released

CORALVILLE, IA, October 24, 2011 -- Structured Dynamics today released a new portal for UMBEL, the Upper Mapping and Binding Exchange Layer. UMBEL is an upper ontology of about 28,000 reference concepts and a vocabulary designed for domain ontologies and ontology mapping.

This new portal is based on SD's Open Semantic Framework (OSF), and specifically the structWSF platform-independent Web services. The new portal contains both upgraded existing Web services and some exciting new ones.

The new UMBEL portal is a fairly classic example of an OSF installation. The content management system hosting the system is Drupal, supplemented with a standard set of third-party modules and SD's own conStruct semantic technology modules. The theme is a stripped-down modification of the popular Pixture Reloaded theme. Like other vocabulary sites, the UMBEL contains specifications and links to community resources and downloads. It also has some specialty links not shown on typical standards sites.

Today's release announcement is to be followed by detailed posts describing the notable features and Web services of the site.


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Structured Dynamics assists enterprises and non-profit organizations to adopt Web-accessible and interoperable semantic data. The basic premise is that the data itself becomes the application. Via structured, linked data and a combination of semantic technologies and Web services, information in any form and from any source can now be integrated and made interoperable. The company Web site is at; it is headquartered in Coralville, IA.

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