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Structured Dynamics Adopts New Logo, Look

CORALVILLE, IA, May 20, 2010 -- Structured Dynamics (SD) today updated its corporate image with a new logo and new color schemes on its Web pages and collateral. Other upgrades to various SD product logos and other adjustments are also being made.

"Fred Giasson and I formed the company rapidly back in November 2008. We had other fish to fry, namely starting work with customers coming out of the gate, and literally grabbed a toss-off logo that had been laying in the drawer to start the company," said Michael Bergman, Structured Dynamics' CEO. "That worked well in the early days, but we increasingly felt our image looked tired and distinctly 'non-dynamic,' " he added.

Structured Dynamics commissioned a competition which drew over 170 submissions from about 25 individual designers. The winning design is shown on SD's newly updated Web site. The company also announced that it will be working with some of the other finalist designers for some of its other product designs. The first to be so unveiled is the company's Citizen Dan logo.

"So, with growth and presence it feels good to now have a professional look as well . . . we look to walk arm-in-arm with this logo for quite some time to come," said Bergman.

About Structured Dynamics LLC

Structured Dynamics assists enterprises and non-profit organizations to adopt Web-accessible and interoperable semantic data. The basic premise is that the data itself becomes the application. Via structured, linked data and a combination of semantic technologies and Web services, information in any form and from any source can now be integrated and made interoperable. The company Web site is at; it is headquartered in Coralville, IA.

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Steve Ardire
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