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irON Brings Native Spreadsheets, JSON and XML into the Semantic Web

CORALVILLE, IA, October 18, 2009 -- Structured Dynamics today released irON - the instance record and Object Notation - and its family of frameworks and tools into the open source community. SD stated the purpose of irON is to provide simple conventions, a small vocabulary, and free parsers and converters to allow common data formats to become first-class participants on the semantic Web.

"irON is an important piece in the semantic enterprise puzzle that we are building at Structured Dynamics," said Michael Bergman, SD's CEO. "It reflects our belief that knowledge workers should be able to author and create interoperable datasets without having to learn the arcana of RDF."

irON is an abstract notation and associated vocabulary for specifying RDF triples and schema in non-RDF forms. Its purpose is to allow users and tools in non-RDF formats to stage interoperable datasets using RDF. The notation supports three serializations for writing RDF and schema in the formats of: JSON (irJSON); XML (irXML); or, comma-separated values (CSV) via spreadsheets (commON).

The irON specification includes guidance for creating instance records (including in bulk), linkages to existing ontologies and schema, and schema definitions. Data ingested in the irON frameworks can also be exported as RDF and staged as linked data.

"irON and its three serializations can capture virtually the entire scope and power of RDF as a data model, but with the simple and familiar constructs used by each native form," said Fred Giasson, SD's CTO, and co-editor with Bergman for irON. "We used the unique differences amongst XML, JSON and CSV and our intimate knowledge of RDF to guide development of the notation."

Structured Dynamics acknowledged Dr. Jim Pitman and the Bibliographic Knowledge Network (BKN) project (NSF Award 0835851) and its BibJSON format for being a "catalytic influence" on irON's development.

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The irON release is version 0.8. The irON specification is available at, provided under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 license. The parsers and converters will be available by mid-week at, available under the Apache license, version 2.0.

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