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Structured Dynamics Hosts UMBEL Web Services

CORALVILLE, IA, September 18, 2009 -- Structured Dynamics re-integrated the slate of UMBEL Web services into its Web site today. Fred Giasson, SD's CTO, said about the new integration, "Eight months ago we announced the dissolution of Zitgist LLC, though we kept UMBEL's Web services on a temporary server. This move will make the future upgrade of UMBEL easier, and this will make the maintenance of the Web services endpoints easier as well."

Structured Dynamics LLC now hosts a new version for the UMBEL Web services. From the main menu at the SD Web site you can access these services under the 'umbel ws' menu option (you can also bookmark the Web services site at or

With this move, SD now hosts these five initial Web services and one visualization tool.

Lookup Web Services
Inference Engine Web Services
SPARQL endpoint Web Service
Visual Tool

Note that the visual tool is using Moritz Stefaner's Relation Browser.


UMBEL (Upper Mapping and Binding Exchange Layer) is a lightweight vocabulary of 20,000 subjects and the conceptual relationships between them. The UMBEL backbone is also a reference structure for more specific vocabularies for interrelating and connecting more specific domains, and can act as binding or attachment points for any Web content or data. It is based on SKOS and derived from the Cyc knowledge base.

About Structured Dynamics LLC

Structured Dynamics assists enterprises and non-profit organizations and projects to adopt Web-accessible and interoperable data. The basic premise is that the data itself becomes the application. Via structured, linked data and a combination of products and Web services, information in any form and from any source can now be integrated and made interoperable. Linked data is based on open standards to interconnect any form of relevant information on the Web -- on demand and in context. The company Web site is at; it is headquartered in Coralville, IA.

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