Press Release

Industry Veterans Form New Semantic Web Services Company

CORALVILLE, IA, January 1, 2009 -- Two industry veterans, Michael Bergman and Frédérick Giasson, have formed a new services company, Structured Dynamics LLC, that specializes in linked data and the semantic Web.

"Many pundits are claiming that critical mass for the commercial readiness of the semantic Web will occur in 2009 and we agree," said Bergman, Structured Dynamics' CEO.  "We now have the standards, tools and practices in place to integrate all forms of desired data, from any source and in any form," he said.

About the Company 

Structured Dynamics supports both open and proprietary data, including the extraction of structure from fully structured data (RDF), from conventional structured data (such as relational databases), from unstructured (text) data, and from semi-structured (metadata, tags and mark-up) sources.  Structured Dynamics' professional services include:

  • Linked data training and education
  • Project evaluation and planning
  • Legacy data conversions
  • Vocabulary (ontology) development and mapping
  • Named entity (instance) dictionary creation
  • Information extraction, and
  • Architectural design, development and deployment assistance.

Structured Dynamics is platform- and language-neutral. All of its services are based on open source software.

About the Principals

Michael K. Bergman is an experienced software executive and manager. He formerly founded and held C-class positions in Zitgist, BrightPlanet, VisualMetrics and Instar Community Systems. He is a noted blogger with an emphasis on the structured Web, linked data, semantic Web and open source tools. He is the founder and co-editor of the UMBEL lightweight subject concept reference structure.

Frédérick Giasson is Structured Dynamics' CTO and chief programmer. Fred Giasson was formerly a co-founder of Zitgist LLC, and creator of,, and Talk Digger. He is a co-editor of UMBEL. He is also the lead editor of the Music Ontology and Bibliontology projects. Fred has been developing applications related to the semantic Web since 2005. He, too, has a noted blog.

About Structured Dynamics LLC

Structured Dynamics assists enterprises and non-profit organizations and projects to adopt Web-accessible and interoperable data.  The basic premise is that the data itself becomes the application. Via structured, linked data and a combination of Web services, information in any form and from any source can now be integrated and made interoperable. Linked data is based on open standards to interconnect any form of relevant information on the Web -- on demand and in context. The company Web site is at; it is headquartered in Coralville, IA.  

Press Contact:
Michael K. Bergman
Structured Dynamics LLC
Tel: 319/621 5225