Consulting and Services

Structured Dynamics provides consulting and development services across the spectrum of knowledge bases, artificial intelligence, semantic technologies and data interoperability. The possible components that may be active in a given engagement can be illustrated as follows:

Interactions between AI, Big Data and Big Structure

The specific services that may be provided depend on the nature of the engagement.

Implementation Plans

We recommend development of an implementation plan prior to any substantive engagement. Interviews and inventories enable us to propose tasks, schedules and a budget fully responsive to your needs. Our plans uniformly receive kudos and can be an important device for gaining broader involvement within the organization.

Knowledge Bases and Artificial Intelligence

Our mastery of knowledge bases and artificial intelligence enables us to create machine learners and training sets quickly and cost-effectively. These learners can then be deployed for entity and relation identification and tagging; mapping to internal datasets; categorization; metadata extraction and annotation; and other data interoperability tasks.

Semantic Enterprise Services

For organizations interested in adopting the Open Semantic Framework, we have codified our approach through Open SEAS (Semantic Enterprise Adoption and Solutions), a MIKE 2.0 (Method for an Integrated Knowledge Environment) methodology for helping enterprises to transition into semantic technologies and applications.

Ontology Development and Mapping

Ontology development and mapping, and data staging and conversion, are also frequently requested services when adopting OSF.

Master Data and Interoperability

Structured Dynamics can analyze and propose a master data plan and roadmap — including structure and data analysis — responsive to your needs and phasing. External interoperability and linked data are two additional considerations in this planning. Data staging and tooling needs are also common considerations.

Software Development

Structured Dynamics has broad software experience in developing new functionality or transforming or mapping data. These services can be combined with OSF or data interoperability requirements.


An example of Structured Dynamics' documentation skills is the OSF wiki, which contains about 500 technical, implementation and best-practice articles. We can readily extend this documentation for your specific needs or package into tailored libraries.


Structured Dynamics can combine these elements via experienced trainers to provide effective training courses across all aspects of our offerings. Our commitment is comprehensive technology transfer sufficient to make our services unnecessary.