About Us

Our passion is to foster effective data integration and semantic frameworks driven by artificial intelligence and ontologies. We are committed to open standards and software. Winning capabilities to deliver complete customer solutions may be found from internal or external resources, whether from Structured Dynamics or not.

Our philosophy is that we are successful when we are no longer needed. We are committed to open solutions that can be implemented by your organization on its own.

Structured Dynamics LLC is a private company headquartered in Iowa City, IA, with facilities in Québec City, Québec.

Management Team

SD's two principal founders are Mike Bergman, CEO, and Fred Giasson, CTO.

picture of Mike Michael K. Bergman (CEO and co-founder)

Mike Bergman is an experienced executive and manager. He has founded and held C-class positions in Zitgist, BrightPlanet, VisualMetrics and Instar Community Systems. Mike is a noted blogger with emphasis on the structured Web, linked data, semantic Web and open source tools. He is the founder and co-editor of the UMBEL lightweight subject concept reference structure.

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picture of Fr�d�rick Frédérick Giasson (CTO, lead developer and co-founder)

Fred Giasson was formerly a co-founder of Zitgist LLC, and creator of zitgist.com, PingTheSemanticWeb.com, and Talk Digger. He is a co-editor of UMBEL. He is also the lead editor of the Music Ontology and Bibliontology projects. Fred has been developing applications related to the semantic Web since 2005.

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Founder Blogs

Mike Bergman's blog, AI3 AI3:::Adaptive Information Blog
Mike Bergman's AI3 blog is one of the most popular in the semantic Web and linked data space, with about 4000 daily visitors. The blog was first started in 2005. Mike is known for his prolific and comprehensive posts in all areas of semantic technologies and structured data. His posts are frequently re-posted on SemanticWeb.com and archived on the OSF Wiki knowledge base and MIKE2.0.

FGiasson's Blog
Fred Giasson's blog has been a source of technical posts and oft-cited innovations since 2005. Fred's blog has been the venue for first announcements regarding PingtheSemanticWeb, the structured DataViewer, zLinks, OSF, sComponents, and many explanatory commentaries on best technical practices regarding RDF, linked data and ontologies.

SD Partners

Here are Structured Dynamics' various partners.

AGH Signal Processing Group AGH Signal Processing Group

The AGH Signal Processing Group specializes in speech technologies, wavelet theory and signal compression. AGH University of Science and Technology, established in 1919, is the largest technical university in Poland. SD has partnered with this group, and its Techmo spin-off, in the areas of use of the Cyc knowledge base and its mapping to UMBEL. SD also maintains ties with Jagiellonian University, also in Kraków.

Ontotext Ontotext

Ontotext is a leading developer of core semantic technology, the developer of several outstanding products, and a major contributor to open-source platforms. It is a proven, competent and cost-effective partner in:

  • Development of tools and solutions based on semantic technologies
  • Software engineering, performance optimization, ontology design
  • Analysis, evaluation, feasibility studies based on cutting-edge expertise.

Ontotext was an earlier co-developer with us on the UMBEL reference concept ontology.


Method for an Integrated Knowledge Environment (MIKE2.0) is an open source delivery framework for Enterprise Information Management. It provides a comprehensive methodology, backed by a resource-rich and collaborative Web site, that can be applied across a number of different projects within the Information Management space. While initially focused around structured data, the goal of MIKE2.0 is to provide a comprehensive methodology for any type of Information Development.

Cycorp Cycorp, Inc.

Cycorp is a leading provider of semantic technologies that bring a new level of intelligence and common sense reasoning to a wide variety of software applications. Its Cyc© software developed over 20 years combines an unparalleled common sense ontology and knowledge base with a powerful reasoning engine and natural language interfaces to enable the development of novel knowledge-intensive applications.

Cyc Foundation The Cyc Foundation

The Cyc Foundation is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the enrichment and utilization of the open source portions of the Cyc knowledge base the world's largest repository of machine-readable, common-sense knowledge. The foundation works to expand these resources through software development and community initiatives that educate developers and increase awareness of the potential applications of the technology.

OpenLink Software OpenLink Software, Inc.

OpenLink Software is a leading technology innovator of standards-compliant middleware used by more than 10,000 companies worldwide. Its cross-platform products include universal data access drivers; the Virtuoso universal database engine, Web services platform, and Web application server; and OpenLink Data Spaces (ODS), a distributed collaborative application platform for creating semantic Web presence. OpenLink was founded in 1993 and is privately held with offices in the U.S., United Kingdom and Netherlands.

Linking Open Data Linking Open Data

Linking Open Data is a community project of the W3C's Semantic Web Education and Outreach (SWEO) group. Since 2007, the project has catalyzed publishing interlinked datasets of over two billion RDF triples, interlinked by around 3 million RDF links, from high-value reference sources, including notable place, people, event, book, music, cultural, language and government entities.


Here are some selected testimonials from clients on Structured Dynamics' recent services.

Healthdirect Australia

Healthdirect is a Council of Australian Governments initiative and as such is a dynamic, demanding and high profile health information provider subject to the highest government standards.

Structured Dynamics proved an excellent partner able to challenge preconceived ideas while establishing a fantastic grounding for semantic enablement of our content platforms using their deep knowledge and thought leadership in content management, semantic organisation and search. I have no hesitation in recommending their services.

-- Bruce Haefele, Chief Architect, Healthdirect Australia

United Way of Winnipeg

Many thanks. We had the privilege of showcasing a site and system that is really quite remarkable. What a pleasure. Please be assured that in every conversation, we brag about you guys.

I enjoyed hearing very positive feedback from many – including senior officials in the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, Federal Government, University of Winnipeg, Royal Bank, Assinboine Credit Union, Chamber of Commerce . . . from a number of non profits . . . And from the head of Pathways (Toronto) and a woman who heads a Foundation in Vancouver.

-- Connie Walker, Vice President, United Way of Winnipeg

Volkswagen UK (Tribal DDB)

StructWSF provided a great solution to a complex problem that otherwise could have taken months, if not years to solve.

For a project that had great business expectations combined with huge uncertainty, it was one of the key ingredients to a successful delivery.

-- William Greenly, Volkswagen UK Technical Lead @ Tribal DDB

City of Winnipeg

I wanted to thank you for your dedication and hard work that you have put into the NPI. Clearly without your skills we would not have the great site that is shaping up. I have found working with you a real opportunity for learning – not only the technical work that you do, but also how you work so well with people.

I am also thrilled that we will be continuing on with Structured Dynamics for the next few months while we attempt to catch up with all the great work you have done in building the site.

-- Kelly Goldsmith, NPI Coordinator, City of Winnipeg

Other SD Resources

These are projects or initiatives that have been created or co-created by Structured Dynamics.

Sandboxes & Demos

UMBEL Web Services UMBEL Web Services
This site provides access to about a dozen UMBEL reference subject concept Web services in areas such as lookups, concept explorer, subject concept details, and SPARQL endpoints. The demo also provides API descriptions and access. See also the UMBEL ontology below.

Technologies & Open Source Software

Open Semantic Framework (OSF) Open Semantic Framework
The Open Semantic Framework is Structured Dynamics' flagship open source initiative, with many individual constituent projects. OSF is platform-independent software for accessing and exposing structured RDF data, with generic tools driven by underlying data structures. OSF may be placed over virtually any existing datastore with Web access.

OSF was a layered design built around a Web-oriented architecture, with these layers (from bottom up):
  • OSF engines layer — third-party, open-source tools for indexing and searching the RDF data and OWL ontologies
  • OSF Web Services layer — about 30 RESTful Web services that provide the abstract access point to manipulate all information in the system, including basic create, read, update and delete operations
  • The middleware layer — APIs and facilities for enabling connections with enterprise middleware such as security access and version control
  • The OSF for Drupal layer — the standard content management layer based on Drupal that provides the user interface and extension conventions for the framework, and
  • OSF management tools — a variety of command-line tools such as ontology management, data loading and conversion, system and integration testing, etc, useful for ongoing maintenance of an OSF instance.

Ontologies & Vocabularies

UMBEL Subject Concept Ontology UMBEL
UMBEL (Upper Mapping and Binding Exchange Layer) is a lightweight vocabulary of 35,000 subjects and the conceptual relationships between them. The UMBEL backbone is also a reference structure for more specific vocabularies for interrelating and connecting more specific domains, and can act as binding or attachment points for any Web content or data. It is based on SKOS and derived from the Cyc knowledge base.
irON irON
irON (the instance record and Object Notation) is a abstract notation and associated vocabulary for specifying RDF triples and schema in non-RDF forms. Its purpose is to allow users and tools in non-RDF formats to stage interoperable datasets with RDF using either JSON, XML or CSV formats.
Cycorp Bibliographic Ontology
The Bibliographic Ontology (BIBO) provides main concepts and properties for describing citations and bibliographic references (i.e., quotes, books, articles, etc) on the semantic Web. It can be used as a citation ontology, a document classification ontology, or a way to describe any kind of document in RDF.
Music Ontology Music Ontology
The Music Ontology is an attempt to link all the information about musical artists, albums and tracks together, from MusicBrainz to MySpace. The goal is to express all relations between musical information in order to help people find anything about music and musicians. It is based around the concept of machine readable information provided by any web site or web service on the Web.

Documentation & Methodologies

OSF Technical Knowledge Base OSF Technical Knowledge Base
OSF Technical Knowledge Base is the generic technical wiki providing documentation for the software and related systems associated with the various Open Semantic Framework open source software projects. Its nearly 400 technical articles, many figures, organization and infrastructure provide a complete, open source knowledge base that itself can be downloaded and modifed for local use (including branding and proprietary modifications). OSF Wiki documentation relates to all parts of the open semantic framework (OSF).
Open SEAS (Semantic Enterprise Adoption and Solutions) is an open source methodology, complete with documentation, compliant with MIKE2.0 (Method for an Integrated Knowledge Environment) for helping enterprises to transition into semantic technologies and applications.

Press Releases

New, Major Upgrade of UMBEL Released

Structured Dynamics today released version 1.50 of the open source UMBEL (Upper Mapping and Binding Exchange Layer) vocabulary and ontology. The key advances in this new version of include a generalized typology design applied to all of the disjoint SuperTypes in the system, an improved upper ontology, greater consistency checks and build automation, and . . . . .

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UMBEL Version 1.20 Released

Structured Dynamics today released version 1.20 of the open source UMBEL (Upper Mapping and Binding Exchange Layer) vocabulary and ontology. The key advances in this new version of include refinements to the UMBEL generator, improved tests for satisfiabliity and coherence, and additional mappings and structure to aid UMBEL's role as a computing overlay for existing knowledge bases, such as Wikipedia . . . .

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OSF 3.3 Provides Access to Multiple Backends

Structured Dynamics today released version 3.3 of the Open Semantic Framework, which now allows use of either ODBC or SPARQL endpoints as communication channels to OSF's data management backends. This release consolidates prior versions that provided either-or choices as to these communication channels . . . .

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New OSF 3.1 and Web Site

Structured Dynamics today released version 3.1 of the Open Semantic Framework and announced the update of the OSF Web site. OSF is an integrated software stack using semantic technologies for knowledge management. It has a layered architecture that combines existing open source software with . . . .

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UMBEL Version 1.10 Released

Structured Dynamics today released version 1.10 of its open source UMBEL (Upper Mapping and Binding Exchange Layer) reference concept ontology. This new release is in preparation for a series of subsequent releases planned over the next few months as additional consistency and functionality is brought to the system. . . . .

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SD Spins Off New Local Government Venture

Structured Dynamics today announced that it was spinning off a new software company, Civic Dynamics. Included in the launch was the introduction of the new company’s Civic Dynamics Platform (CDP), a set of local government tools for citizens to easily view, search, mix and match, and dynamically analyze open data. . . . .

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SD Unveils Enterprise-ready Version of the Open Semantic Framework

After five years of development, Structured Dynamics (SD) today released a new enterprise-ready version of its open-source Open Semantic Framework. OSF is a turnkey platform targeted to enterprises to bring interoperability to their information assets, achieved via a layered architecture of semantic technologies . . . .

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New Semantic Storage Option Added to Drupal 7

Structured Dynamics (SD) today released a new data storage back end that brings the full power of semantic technologies to Drupal. In essence, this new Drupal module, structFieldStorage, enables Drupal data to leverage the entire semantic technology stack of SD's Open Semantic Framework . . . .

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Winnipeg Releases Neighborhood Site Powered by SD

The City of Winnipeg, the capital and largest city of Manitoba, Canada, just released its "NOW" portal celebrating its diverse and historical 236 neighborhoods. The portal, the first and largest local government site to exclusively embrace semantic technologies, is powered by Structured Dynamics' open semantic framework (OSF) . . . .

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New UMBEL Links to schema.org, GeoNames

Structured Dynamics today released a new version of UMBEL, the Upper Mapping and Binding Exchange Layer, that provides detailed mappings to schema.org and GeoNames. The overall ontology of reference concepts has also been modularized with a big graph visualization. . . . .

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New UMBEL Portal Released

Structured Dynamics today released a new portal for UMBEL, the Upper Mapping and Binding Exchange Layer. UMBEL is an upper ontology of about 28,000 reference concepts and a vocabulary designed for domain ontologies and ontology mapping . . . .

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SD, Ontotext Release First Production-Grade UMBEL

Structured Dynamics and Ontotext today released -- after four years of iterative refinement -- version 1.00 of UMBEL. This version is the first production-grade release of this open source, reference ontology for the Web . . . .

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UMBEL v 0.80 Released

Structured Dynamics and Ontotext today announced the latest release of UMBEL, version 0.80 . . . .

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Ontotext, SD Form Strategic Partnership

Ontotext, a leading semantic technology company for the past 10 years, and Structured Dynamics, an innovator in ontology-driven open source applications, have formed a strategic partnership to address some of the key semantic gaps in the semantic Web . . .

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Bergman Keynoting at Annual Dublin Core Conference Framework

Mike Bergman, Structured Dynamics' CEO, will be one of two keynote speakers at DC-2010, DCMI's International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications, in Pittsburgh, PA. His talk is on the last day of the conference, Oct. 22. . . .

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Citizen Dan Unveiled; First Instance of the Open Semantic Framework

Citizen Dan, an open source system for local governments and organizations to publish and visualize community data and content, was unveiled today by its developer, Structured Dynamics (SD). Along with the software, SD also released a working demo site and full documentation. . . .

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SD Releases Two Pre-packaged Knowledge Bases

Structured Dynamics (SD) today released two knowledge bases, TechWiki and DocWiki, as free resources for hundreds of documents and articles governing the installation, use and management of the company's open source products . . . .

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Structured Dynamics Adopts New Logo, Look

Structured Dynamics (SD) today updated its corporate image with a new logo and new color schemes on its Web pages and collateral . . . .

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Structured Dynamics Donates Open SEAS to MIKE2.0

Structured Dynamics (SD) today donated its Open SEAS methodology for Semantic Enterprise Adoption and Solutions to the MIKE2.0 (Method for an Integrated Knowledge Environment) project. . . .

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 irON Brings Native Spreadsheets, JSON and XML into the Semantic Web

Structured Dynamics today released irON - the instance record and Object Notation - and its family of frameworks and tools into the open source community. SD stated . . . .

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Experienced Executive Joins SD as Senior Advisor

Structured Dynamics announced today that Steve Ardire has joined its executive management ranks as senior Advisor . . . .

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Structured Dynamics Hosts UMBEL Web Services

Structured Dynamics re-integrated the slate of UMBEL Web services into its Web site today. Fred Giasson, SD's CTO, said about the new integration . . . .

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Structured Data and Web Services Framework for Drupal Unveiled

Structured Dynamics today unveiled twin products that will bring exciting new structured data capabilities to the popular Drupal open source content management system. The first, structWSF . . . .

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Structured Dynamics Unveiling New Initiative at SemTech 2009

Michael Bergman, CEO of Structured Dynamics, will demo and unveil software for an innovative and open Web services framework for collaboration at the 2009 Semantic Technology Conference . . . .

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Industry Veterans Form New Semantic Web Services Company

Two semantic Web veterans, Mike Bergman and Fred Giasson, have formed a new services company, Structured Dynamics LLC, specializing in linked data and the semantic Web . . . .

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