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powering the semantic enterprise

Structured Dynamics is an innovative software and consulting company dedicated to maturing semantic technologies for the enterprise. Our Open Semantic Framework (OSF) is a complete open-source expression of these innovations.

As our testimonials attest, SD's services, training, products and ontologies address the challenge of bringing semantic interoperability to the organization. We identify and use the best where it exists; we fill gaps with our own developments and products where it does not.

The promise we offer is to overcome the common enterprise legacy of orphaned information assets. You've heard supposed answers to this refrain before. Finally, it's time to achieve information interoperability within the organization.

We are working to free the information professional from high-cost projects that just don't deliver. Via OSF and knowledge graphs ("ontologies") specific to your domain, knowledge workers within your enterprise are now armed to control the knowledge management function directly. And this can be done in ways that span differences in terminology and semantics across the organization. Our solutions layer over existing information and IT assets, leading to lower disruption, costs and risks.

A good starting point to learn more is our overview. Then, we welcome you to contact us to discuss how Structured Dynamics may assist your organization.